A School Resilient to COVID19


Monitor, Inform, Prevent


Coordinate the management of the crisis related to the risk of contamination of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic within the school community of the Lycée Gustave Eiffel in Maputo 

General activities

1.         Establish a diagnosis of the situation in order to identify the actions to be taken and the decisions to be taken;

2.         To identify the various local and international informants and communication channels to obtain reliable and relevant information on the progress of the pandemic in Mozambique.

3.         To organize and bring together the efforts of the different stakeholders in a spirit of unity and coherence of the different interventions;

4.         Communicate internally to enable action and optimize reaction time, communicate externally to alert, inform and reassure in order to maintain the confidence of the school community.

Specific activities

1.         Analyse the evolution of the situation in partnership with the French Embassy and the Mozambican authorities;

2.         To monitor and update the response action plan drawn up for the crisis;

3.         To know how to guide the school community in case of possible risk exposures and provide advice for the management of suspicious cases;

4.         Coordinate information management and provide synthetic, clear, relevant and timely messages to the school community;

5.         Analyse the conditions for the reopening of the Lycée Gustave Eiffel and the resumption of school activities within the school.


1.         Guillaume Deschamps, physician, member of the Board of Directors

2.         Pierre Guenais, Headmaster

3.         Alain Kassa, humanitarian, Board member

4.         Nilza Abdula, Engineer, Member of the Board of Directors

5.         Claire Nouvel, psychologist

6.         Gaël Claquin, doctor


Multidisciplinary group with an informative vocation, in a spirit of solidarity and resilience, for members of the school community

2.         Temporary group, specifically convened to propose information and tools for mutual assistance in the context of COVID19 

3.         Invitation to all, but no one is required to stay.  

4.         No content related to the pedagogical activity or the functioning of the school (which will be officially communicated by email, or by the teachers via digital tools).

5.         The information is verified before being communicated, to the extent that it is possible to do so.

6.         We invite all members to remain responsible in their interpretation of the contents: the information disclosed, some of which is of a scientific nature, cannot be interpreted or extrapolated.

7.         For the sake of simplicity and clarity, this group is a venue for the dissemination of information: members are not invited to respond live.

8.         Call to all members of the school community who would like to have information disseminated by this group: send them by email to 

9.         The group will meet face-to-face only in cases of extreme necessity and will encourage remote interaction using electronic telecommunication tools.

Operating rule

Each member is defined a specific area / type of information for which he/she will be in charge of monitoring the information and proposing summary messages to the whole group (hygiene and measures to mitigate the risk of infection, help in diagnosis and care of simple to moderate forms, support measures to cope with isolation, official recommendations of the Mozambican Embassy and Government, community testimonies, fake news, others…).

Each member is defined 2 or 3 focal points/source informants that he/she will have to contact regularly to update information/check the information obtained.

Collegial discussion every 2 days (skype call, in the evening) around the information collected by each member of the group in order to define the content of the information to be relayed to the community.

Objective: 1 message every 2 days to start with

Maputo, March 23, 2020