The closure of the high school is an act of Public Health in prevention of the heavy human and economic impacts caused by Covid-19 :

  • officially declared pandemic,
  • compliance with the guidelines for limiting gatherings.

It is not just about our community of students, teachers and parents, but about protecting vulnerable populations and avoiding contamination through responsible and supportive behaviour.


Limiting movement and contact :

  • Staying at home is the rule, going out is exposing yourself and risking taking part in the transmission.
  • Home contacts restricted to a minimum number of people: no employees in the home, shopping brought to the home or done by a member of the household.
  • Work at home or contacts at the workplace limited to the maximum.
  • No more religious ceremonies.

Allows for :

  • Especially protect the most vulnerable people (the elderly, or those with heart or respiratory problems, diabetes, hypertension, HIV-related immunodeficiency…).
  • Limit the expected epidemic peak, to reduce the overloading of health services.


Isolation = NOT going out, without good reason

Household hygiene measures: after returning from an outing :

  • Wash your hands immediately, without touching anything beforehand (door handles ++, furniture…)
  • Clean his phone, his glasses with 70°C alcohol.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables by soaking them for 15 minutes in bleached water:
    with a usual commercial concentration (3.5%) (3 drops per litre of water or 1 teaspoon for 5 litres of water).