All classes were represented.

The parents expressed their general satisfaction and unanimous thanks to the teachers and the school.

For elementary and secondary: better organisation.

1.         Not to  use multiple means of communication. It is difficult for students and parents to find their way around.

The means defined by the school are : Toutemonanée, Pronote, ZOOM – Communication by email

The sending of the work by Whatsapp, mail, or in the discussion queues is not allowed.

The discussion threads should be used only for personal advice and not to transmit general instructions as it is very difficult for students to refer to them after several sessions.

2.         The return of work by e-mail can only be exceptional, the use of Pronote and

Toutemonannée must remain the rule for homework assignments. Returning the work to the school also poses problems and will no longer be possible.

3.         Give preference to video clips and videos.

4.         Limit paper printouts and exercises.

5.         For primary and secondary school, parents want greater consistency in the

presentation of the courses.

1 What needs to be learned.

2. The chronological sequence of the work and precise instructions.

3. Explanation of the exercises requested at the end of the course with an estimate of the time to complete each exercise.

6.         A timetable for the week, sent at the beginning of the week to allow parents to organise themselves.

7.         A better coordination (sending the schedule) between primary classes and indicating the time on Pronote

8.         To have access to the contents in advance at least 24 hours to prepare the sessions with the younger children.

9.         Regularly upload the “Toutemonanée” media libraries. Some classes do not publish anything.

For the kindergarten: even more so for the teacher.

-The need to see the teacher every day. Once a week is not enough. We have to program the videos and enter them into the class diary.

– Reinforce the coherence of activities and limit “paper” activities.

– A video meeting with all the parents seems indispensable to explain the activities and

expectations of the teacher

In general, parents feel that students spend far too much time in front of their screens.

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