The registration and re-enrollment campaign for the September 2022-2023 school year began via the EDUKA website of the Lycée Français International Gustave Eiffel on Friday, April 15:

Below is the general registration and re-registration procedure:

NB: the granting of a scholarship by the consulate does not imply enrolment in a school within the French network!

Some information:

  • Starting in Kindergarten if the student does not come from an approved school:
    • Passing a placement test in the child’s native language or language of instruction.
    • Language proficiency (developed by the language teacher in conjunction with the classroom teacher)
    • Mathematics
    • Meeting with the family

Contact and Information: School Department
Telephone: +258 84 31 75 733

As an indication, here is the non-exhaustive list of documents to be provided:

  1. Certificate of schooling for the current year
  2. Report cards for the first and second terms or a copy of the school report for the current year
  3. Report cards from the previous two school years
  4. Proof of nationality
  5. Copy of the family record book
  6. Certificate of approval from the Ministry of Education for public schools in France
  7. Proof of residence in Mozambique or employment contract or notice of assignment for at least one of the parents
  8. If neither parent is present in Mozambique, a delegation of parental authority approved by a family court judge
  9. If one of the parents (already in Maputo) is of French nationality, his/her registration on the register of French nationals abroad
  10. A judicial document indicating the child’s main residence in the case of divorced parents

We invite you to follow the procedure that will be done online only.

For further information, please contact the school secretary:

A first allocation committee will meet in mid-June and a second one at the end of August.