Re: Re-registration / Deregistration year 2021-2022

Dear parents,
Re-registrations will be done as last year in a paperless way via our EDUKA platform.

As the person responsible, you are already identified in the EDUKA database, so you can re-register your child(ren) at the following address: [Re-registration section]

You will find attached a tutorial explaining how to complete your child(ren)’s file, as well as any other useful information concerning the re-enrolment or deregistration of your child(ren).

We invite you to save each step of the re-registration process. You will then be able to leave the application and resume the procedure at another time. When your file is complete, it will be placed on hold for validation.

Your re-registration requests will be studied and confirmed by our services, which are responsible for checking the whole file and the supporting documents.

Please note that family files that are not complete and up to date with the payment of school fees will not be validated.

Below is an indicative list of supporting documents to be checked or renewed:

For your child:For the family / guardians:
Copy of passport or identity card of the student (or any other proof of identity) Photograph Vaccination record Copy of family record book Photograph (optional) Copy of passport (optional) 

Please note that the photograph of your child(ren) must be a passport photograph.

In order to guarantee your child(ren)’s place, applications for re-registration must be submitted via the EDUKA platform by 15 May 2021 at the latest. Yours sincerely,