Student class representatives

In secondary schools, each class has class representatives. They are the spokespersons for all the pupils in relation to their teachers and other adults in the school.

A middle school (collège) life council also promotes the involvement of pupils in the life of their school. In the lycée, a student (lycée) life council makes proposals for the daily life of the school.

In the collège and lycée, two student representatives are elected in each class at the beginning of the school year.

Role of the representatives

They have several responsibilities:

  • They represent the students in their class
  • They are mediators between their peers and other members of the school community:
    • School management,
    • Teaching and non-teaching staff and parents.

In each class, the two representatives participate in the class council. Each term, the council decides on the life of the class and the progress of schooling for each student.

If a pupil from the class is sent to the disciplinary council, the two representatives from the pupil’s class participate in this.

At the school council, the appointed delegates of the representatives (elected at the general assembly of student representatives) report the opinions and proposals of the other students on how the school operates.