Portuguese International section

What is the Portuguese International Section?

This is an original system, which allows «the integration, within the French system, of teaching not only of the language, but also of the culture and teaching methods of the partner country».

Its general objectives are:

– To achieve expert language competence and develop bi- and pluricultural competence through additional teaching in Portuguese, literature and history and geography;

– To enable French and/or French-speaking students to acquire a demanding education involving the in-depth practice of Portuguese, its use as a teaching language in literature and history and geography;

– To raise awareness of the culture and civilisation of the countries associated with the section: Portugal, Mozambique and, in general, the whole of the community of Portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP);

– To respond to the demand from families for an education strongly rooted in the Portuguese-speaking culture in an accredited establishment;

– To facilitate the integration and reception of foreign Portuguese-speaking pupils in the French education system by allowing them to benefit from learning in their mother tongue;

– To offer continuity to students arriving from international sections within the network and in France;

– To make the school more internationally oriented by obtaining the OIB and by preparing students for further studies in France or in other countries; and

– To include Lycée Français International students in a continuum of learning from CP to Terminale in accordance with the school’s languages policy (link to the brochure on languages policy at Lycée Français International Gustave Eiffel).