The CDI (Library for collège and lycée)

Libraries in the context of COVID

In order to respect the rules of physical distance, pupils can no longer visit libraries independently. If they no longer come to the books, it is the books that come to them, mainly through the class libraries. In secondary school, a limited number of students can go to the CDI to return or borrow books.

The BCD and the CDI also offer you the possibility of reserving documents online on the ESIDOC documentary portal and open their doors on certain Saturdays in order to welcome you in good conditions (Biblio-Drive).

Biblio Drive Tutorial:

Finally, the BCD has prepared a PADLET of digital resources accessible in Mozambique to enable you to practice French at home:

The CDI (Library for collège and lycée)

The CDI (The Documentation and Information Centre – ‘Centre de Documentation et d’Information’) is a space open to all members of the school community (students, teachers, parents). It is located on the first floor of the secondary school building.

The CDI represents:

A place for reading and relaxation where students can go during their break or study time (depending on the availability of the librarian teacher). Comic books, mangas, novels, periodicals… Students can borrow or read on the spot the whole of the documentary collection at their disposal.

A place of learning where educational sessions take place (introduction to documentary research, media and information education, personal reading project, etc.)

A place of work where a variety of documentary resources and computer tools are available.

A place of culture that allows for intellectual enrichment.

A place where students can exercise their autonomy and learn to assert and diversify their personal tastes with the help of the documentalist teacher.

A place for projects in line with the school’s current events. As a partner of subject teachers, the library supports class or school projects.


ESIDOC is the school’s documentary portal. This portal gives you access to the catalogue of the two libraries, enriched with a selection of digital content adapted to students.

Thanks to personal codes, available on the EDUKA platform or given directly to students, it is possible to reserve documents and leave comments on their reading.

The CAFEYN digital resource also gives you access to a wide selection of magazines and newspapers to read online from secondary school onwards

Collège Selection:

Lycée Selection:

Finally, you can follow on ESIDOC all the projects at the library and the CDI (LATULU, Labo des contes, Babelio Challenge, NUMOOK Project, etc…)!


Nicolas Rodot: teacher in charge of the library and the CDI. Reception and running of the CDI.

Felisberto Manuel: assistant librarian, in charge of the reception and the running of the BCD.